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Why A Self-Funded Plan

IMA is a premier provider of self-funded benefits programs for all size businesses.

Self-funding provides the potential for savings that is not available with a fully-insured plan. If claims exceed expectations, the Employer’s liability is capped under the reinsurance “stop-loss” policies.

Fully-insured plan premiums are 100% taxable. Using self-funded plans, the only taxable premiums are those paid for specific premium, aggregate premium and aggregate accommodation. This reduces the client’s costs.

Self-funding provides the flexibility to design a benefit plan according to the client’s needs and preferences, subject to federal law. This differs from fully-insured programs where there is little or no flexibility in plan design and benefit programs, other than in choosing a canned approach.

Considering the spiraling cost of health care, many Employers are choosing self-funding as the only logical method of continuing to offer health insurance coverage as an employee benefit.

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